Day Trips

Fourth Eye Digital Arts: January 13th, 2020 

Understanding time constraints and personal preferences has allowed our agents to create specific packages that cater to everyone! The ability to exclude or include meals is one of the options available for our tour.

Take a look at our list of available packages and find one that fits your budget and demands. Our agents have also considered the available stops during the specific time you will be travelling. So be rest assured that you are going to be able to visit the locations that are available, while being able to add or remove stops for your convenience. 

Remember to plan accordingly. Bringing the necessary items for you to enjoy your day comfortably will allow the tour bus or limousine to remain on schedule. Also considering the fact that this may be your first experience, planning and preparing for the unexpected variables is also important. Anticipate natural elements and other variables that you need to consider like medication, or communication with work and or family members.

Make sure that your cell phone is charged and your necessities are also packed. Carrying glass items when you are one any form of excursion is definite no, unless it is completely unavoidable. Try transferring liquid items stored in glass to a plastic or other form of safe container. If you are planning on travelling with an extra snack or liquid beverage, the safest way to go about doing so would be to use a container that is plastic, and or unbreakable in material. This will save you from making a mess, and or injuring yourself. While also considering injury self-harm and self-preservation, basic first aid items such as band aids would also be handy if you are planning on spending time outdoors. Make sure that you are prepared for the unexpected; this is always a better way to feel more safe and relaxed.

Our technicians and drivers have also taken the steps to plan for any form of sudden weather changes that may affect your experience.

If you are planning on visiting the Hornblower Tours on your excursion, then a raincoat and other forms of protection will be provided. Airlink Tours Niagara Falls will notify you before hand if there are any apparent weather changes, and take any steps necessary to ensure your comfort during your experience.